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How to Clear Customs for Imported Yoghurt in Shenzhen

Seahog, the leading customs broker in China for imported food,  ood Import Declaration Department, member of CCCFNA(China Chamber of Commerce of foodstuffs and Native Produce), holding the qualifications to obtain automatic import license for olive oil and milk powder, provides a full packages of China import customs clearance services for dairy products(such as liquid milk, milk powder,  butter, cheese, and yoghourt), fruit juices, wine, coffee, coffee bean, olive oil, honey, chocolate, mineral water, chips, candies, canned food, moon cake, beer, tea, dried fruit, and many other types of food products.

Our packages services include:  air/sea freight, customs declaration, CIQ declaration, import permit, Chinese label registration, shipper and consignee registration at CIQ, warehouse, inspection assistance, trucking, and these services
are available in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin.

Detailed Introduction for Import Customs Clearance procedures of milk, milk powder, butter, cheese, and yoghourt:
1.the consignee company in China, and the shipper& manufacturer  registration at CIQ
2.Milk powder and cheese need to obtain automatic import license, and baby infant powder shall do all-around test in China  
3.Chinese label pre-registration before shipment
4.Prepare documentation , and arrange shipment to China
5.Customs clearance in destination port
6.Move the shipment to customs controlled warehouse
7.Obtain Chinese sanitary certificate

Required documents for Customs Clearance in China:
certificate of origin, health certificate/certificate of free sales, certificate of analysis, bottling/production date certificate, packing list, invoice, sales contract for customs clearance, original labels, Chinese translation of original labels,

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