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Shenzhen Customs Clearance Procedures for Imported Moon Cake

Seahog logistics, provides import customs clearance for moon cake made in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Australia, Russia, USA, and Japan.
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The Import Procedures of Moon Cake
1. get shipper and consignee and Chinese label registered at CIQ, and prepare required documents.
2. exchange documents after shipment arrival
3. declare to CIQ, and obtain bill of entry
4. declare to China customs(documentation examination, price verification, tax payment, inspection, and release)
5. move to customs controlled warehouse and invite CIQ officer to draw samples
6. paste Chinese label
7. obtain Chinese sanitary certificate when sample test is passed
8. moon cake can be sold legally in mainland China.  

What documents will be required for customs clearance in Shenzhen?
1.certificate of origin
2.Health certificate
3.Nutrition facts test report
4.Ingredient list
5.Production date certificate
6.Sales contract, invoice, and packing list

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What is the import tax rates for moon cake
HS code: 1905900000
Import duty: 20.0%
Value added tax: 17%
Moon cake of Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma can enjoy zero import duty  

Except moon cake, we also handle customs clearance in China for bread, pastry , cakes, biscuits, and other bakerí»s wares, and other types of food and beverages.

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