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Consult A China Customs Clearing Agent When Send Parcel to China For the First Time

Seahog is a well-known China customs broker that assists in clearing stuck courier parcels/packages(For example, stuck DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, SF parcels) in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu. We help clear lots of courier parcels held by China customs every year. But there are not a few parcels that can not be cleared because of the nature of the contained goods. As below we share a recent case. 

On Sep 6, 2021, one of our clients informed us that they had a SF parcel stuck at Shenzhen airport and required customs clearance assistance. As a routine, we asked what were contained inside, and we got reply very fast. The parcels contained 190 pieces of blu-ray discs which had been recorded with game content. Shortly when we located the HS code for the discs as 8523499090, we felt the clearance was a mission impossible. Why? It was because the HS code had a supervision condition f which meant import approval sheet for finished audio/video products was required. It was first time that the client sent goods of this type to Chinese mainland , and he had no idea of the HS code, not to mention supervision condition f or the import approval sheet. Still, we tried to talk with two different customs officers. But both of them told us the same thing:  the import was not possible without the approval sheet. Declaration could not be proceeded on customs system either for lack of the approval sheet. The parcel ended up being returned. 

We actually handle stuck parcels for the client regularly. If he had consulted us before shipping, he should have avoided this. We emailed him on Sep 9, 2021 when we confirmed we could not help with the customs clearance.  As below is part of the email. 

Please note that the import of books, maps, audio and video products are so sensitive that it is hard to explain in a few sentences. It is suggested to check with a China customs agent like us before shipping goods to Chinese mainland to see if any special supervisions will be executed or if any documents are required for customs clearance.

If you send parcel to China for the first time, we suggest you consult a China customs clearing agent before shipping to make sure smooth customs clearance in China

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