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How to Clear Imported Pet Food in Shanghai? The Import Flow, Time Frame and Required Documents

Import Flow of Pet Food

1 check whether the exporting country and the pet food are in the List for Countries/Regions that are Allowed to Import Pet Food to China and the Relevant Pet Food. Check whether the manufacturer of pet food has been registered at AQSIQ.

2.Prepare documents to obtain Animal/Plant Quarantine Permit.

3.Declare entry when manifest info is available at customs 

4.Pick up shipment from port after entry release and transport it to bonded zone.

5.Import declarations

6.Arrange tax payments 

7.Sorting out, Tallying, Labeling in bonded zone warehouse, based on clients requirements 

8.Customs inspections

9.Arrange delivery after customs release.

10.Apply for Inspection & Quarantine Sanitary Certificate for Entry/Exit Goods. 

Required Documents For Customs Clearance in Shanghai for Imported Pet Food

1.Certificate of Origin

2.Health Certificate

3.Ingredient Test Report

4.Production date certificate

5.Packing list, contract, invoice, sea/air way bill

6.Original labels and their Chinese translation

7.Animal /Plant Quarantine Certificate(from exporting country)

8.Animal/Plant Inspection Quarantine Approval( from China)

Time Frame for Customs Clearance in Shanghai For Pet Food

1.Obtain Animal/Plant Inspection Quarantine Approval, one week

2.Exchange D/O after shipment arrival

3.Entry declaration, 1-3 working days

4.Import declarations, 1-3 working days

5.Obtain Inspection & Quarantine Sanitary Certificate for Entry/Exit Goods, 7 working days. 


1. AQSIQ implements entry policy on exporting countries/regions of pet food. Only after obtaining the entry qualifications, can a country/region export pet food to China. At present, countries/regions that can export pet food to China include Thailand, Taiwan, Philippe, Uzbekistan, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Czech, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia. 

2. AQSIQ implements registration policy on overseas manufacturers and processing enterprises, which means manufacturers and processing enterprises of pet food shall be registered at AQSIQ, so shall the subject pet food.  

3. Importers of pet food, before importing, shall get Animal/Plant Inspection Quarantine Approval for the subject pet food.

4. It is important to check if the exporting country/region has entry, if the overseas manufacturer/processing enterprise has been registered at AQSIQ or not. 

5. Animal/Plant Inspection Quarantine Approval shall be obtained before shipment arrival. 

Domestic pet food market is extremely hot in recent year along with the rapid and steady rise of pet keeping in China. There are a huge number of pet food available on the market. Due to China government has qualification requirements not just for overseas manufacturers but also for  Chinese importers,  the bar to import pet food is much higher than other types of goods, which lead to different import channels, black, gray or white available. 

We, as a professional customs broker in Shanghai, has been committed to handling customs clearance for pet food legally . We provide one-stop customs clearance agency services in Shanghai for pet food. Welcome to send us inquiries. 


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