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The required qualifications for olive oil Chinese consignee.

Food distribution license
Olive oil automatic import license.

The required document for olive oil general trade import:
Product standard test report, Phytosanitary Certificate, inspection and quarantine certificate, automatic import license, quality certificate, health certificate, certificate of origin, Chinese Label - olive oil import involves complex procedures such as customs clearance, duties, inspection and quarantine, thus the required documents are more than general goods imports.
To apply automatic import license, the enterprise shall submit the following materials:
1. Automatic import license application form
2. Import contract photocopy with the same content as declared in the application form.
3. The importer shall fill the ultimate using unit(s) of the imported goods, and the original copy of  submit import contract or import agency agreement or supply contract
4. Foreign-invested enterprise shall submit photocopies of foreign-invested enterprise approval certificate, enterprise business license, letter of authorization. If the invest amount has not change, the capital verification report is not required.
5. Domestic enterprises that apply for the first time shall submit photocopies of foreign trade operator registration form or import and export qualification certificate, and enterprise business license 

Work procedures:
1. Enterprises shall file registration at China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce(hereinafter referred as CFNA). Using the electronic key of CFNA, log in the license management platform of Quota & License Administrative Bureau Ministry of Commerce of China,enter the issuing system of automatic import license, fill all contents of automatic import license application form, double check and ensure zero mistake, and send to department of commerce.
2.  The foreign trade division of commerce department conducts preliminary examination, and report to ministry of commerce for review.
3. After passing the review, enterprise prints the automatic import license application form and stamp with official seal. Along with other required documents, enterprise submits to the administrative matters service center of commerce department, and then print automatic import license, register and sign it
4. Submit the application form, required materials and license to foreign trade division for verification and signature and stamped with special seal of automatic import license.
5. Enterprise takes the page1-3 of the license, while the page 4 will be kept for record along with the application form and materials at  the administrative matters service center of commerce department¡£
 Time frame: about 5 working days.
The audit of olive oil automatic import license takes only 15 working days though, but it needs to wait in line which is truly time-demanding. 

Foreign olive oil supplier shall provide: certificate of origin, health certificate, packing list, invoice, contract. Before shipment arrival, China import agent  of olive oil import shall proceed to import label pre-examination first, the required documents are as follows:              1. Imported food label examination application form with official seal
2. Photocopy of importer business license( with official seal)
3. Photocopy of certificate of origin( with official seal)
4. Original package of imported goods(print in A4 paper, with official seal)
5. Foreign language-Chinese package (print in A4 paper, with official seal)
The above docs shall all be triplicate
6. The health certificate issued by exporting country