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Tianjin Port Intercepted and Captured Old Clothes from Imported International Courier Packages

Recently, when conducting quarantine inspection on a batch of  Imported International Courier Packages from USA, the staff of Tianjin Airport Inspection and Quarantine Bureau found that part of the cargoes were old clothes. This is the first time that the bureau intercepted and captured this kind of goods from imported express packages at airport.
According to Management Regulations on Hygiene Quarantine of Imported Waste Articles,  clothing scraps, old gunny bag are expressly prohibited to import by the country.

It is reported, this batch of express packages, from New York, USA,involve 172 separate bills. The articles contained in 18 single bills were found old clothing after being unpacked and inspected, instead of child clothes declared. These old clothing included sweaters, coats, jeans, cotton clothes, dress, underwear, leather shoes, sneakers, etc., totally 200+ pieces. Part of the clothes had clear stains.

Inspection and quarantine staff carried investigation on the mentioned old clothes. The carrier stated that these old clothes were self-used articles left in USA by Chinese studied or worked there before and donated articles. The 18 bills belonged to different consignees. The shipper shipped them via international courier to simplify procedures and save freight fees.

According to one Inspection and quarantine staff, the imported old clothes,without being fumigated and disinfected, usually carried s microbial pathogens and parasite and thus easily cause epidemic disease spread. And if flow into market after being refurnished, they will bring big threat to consumers health.

At present, the bureau has destroyed the captured old clothes in accordance with relevant regulations.