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Tianjin CIQ Fined maximum penalty on Enterprise that Evade Inspections of Dangerous Chemials

It is reported that Tianjin CIQ inspected and dealt with an inspection-evasion case recently. The involving cargo was a batch of imported dangerous chemicals.

According to Tianjin CIQ, their officers found that an foreign-trade enterprise had inspection evasion behavior on a batch of imported dangerous chemicals in supervision, and initiated an investigation immediately. And the investigation found out that, the enterprise declared a batch of dangerous chemicals with a weight of around 500 kgs from Spain. After accepting commodity inspection declaration, officers contacted them several times, and reminded and advised that the cargo, not within legal inspection scope though, was listed in the countrys Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals. Thus, it was not allowed to transport, sales, or use without being quarantined and inspected. However, to catch up production schedule, the enterprise concealed the fact that the cargo had been received, and put it into production without authorization. When officers came to do on-field inspection, the dangerous chemicals in dispute had been used up. In accordance with PRC Entry & Exit Commodity Inspection Laws and its Implementation Regulations, CIQ started administration punishment investigation procedures, and fined them by maximum penalty. That was 20% of the involving cargo value.