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Tianjin CIQ Detected Two Batches of Imported Dangerous Chemicals with Unqualified Packing

Recently, Tianjin CIQ detected two batches of imported dangerous chemicals that did not use specific transportation packing for dangerous cargoes in secession, and made relevant treatment according to laws.

The two batches of cargoes in dispute were printing ink from Japan and phenolic resin from Taiwan. The two products are listed in our countrys Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals, and are class 3 flammable liquids. Yet, the two batches of cargoes used common packing, which would easily cause fire or other safety accidents because of bumping or impact during transportation.

According to relevant regulations, dangerous chemicals shall use specific transportation packing that conforms to their dangerousness. In accordance with related regulations, Tianjin CIQ ordered the consignees take emergency measures. After supervising them to apply rescue packing for these cargoes, Tianjin CIQ and customs released the two batches of cargoes.

Since this year, Tianjin port has imported over 6000 batches of dangerous chemicals. Therein, many cargoes were imported from Tianjin port to other places for sales or use. If these dangerous chemicals do use specific packing for dangerous cargoes, explosion, fire, pollution, corrosion and other safety accidents are likely to happen during transportation, storage and use, which will bring damages and losses to consignees and users.

Tianjin CIQ officer analyzed that: as costs packing for dangerous cargoes are higher than common packing, some foreign suppliers use relatively cheaper common packing to pack dangerous chemicals.

Tianjin CIQ reminds of relevant enterprises that to learn more laws, regulations, policies of imported dangerous chemicals and increase the awareness of the importance of of specific packing for dangerous chemicals. When signing purchase order, it is advised to pay attention not only to quality, but also to safety requirements to transportation, storage, and use. And when choosing suppliers, better choose suppliers of good credit and normative production, so as to avoid invocatable losses rising from   cheap- seeking psychology