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Tianjin Port - Unqualified Rate of Imported Mechanical and Electrical Products Increases

It it reported that, Tianjin Airport CIQ has inspected around 14500 batches of imported mechanical and electrical products so far this year. The total value is around 636 million US dollars. Therein, 460 batches with a total value of 539,751,000 us dollars, were found unqualified, which meant a 3.2%  disqualification rate, increased by243.3%, 124.9% and 272.1% respectively, year on year.  Tianjin airport CIQ  returned or destroyed 38 batches of unqualified products. The involving value was over 3 million US dollars. The rest unqualified products were released after the relevant modifications passed the re-inspection.

Machines and machine tools, switches, x-ray appliances, power control or distribution devices, and cable with connectors reported more problems. They accounted for 36.5% of the unqualified batches that had hidden danger of electrical safety, non-standard safety marking, and inappropriate ground protection and other problems.

As a profession customs clearance agent in Tianjin, Seahog reminds importers that it is very important to learn relevant regulations and standards or consult a China customs clearance agent company before importing sensitive mechanical and electrical products, and have safety requirements executed in place according to national compulsory standards so as to decrease potential safety hazards. Please also note that CIQ punish severely on illegal behaviors like declaring old products as new, using imported products that have not yet been inspected without authorization, not declaring honestly when the cargo comes with wooden packing.