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Random Inspection Showed-45.5% Stationary Imported via Tianjin Port Unqualified

Recently, Tianjin CIQ conducted quality & safety random inspection on imported stationery. Tests were done on 22 varieties of stationery from USA,Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries and regions. The involving products included pencils, crayons, water color pens, water pens, glue marking pens, correction pens, and ballpoint pen. The test results showed that the disqualification rate of the imported stationery reached 45.5%.

According to national standards and relevant regulations, imported studentí»s supply shall have Chinese label and userí»s manual, and the content shall cover commodity name, model, operative norm number, year range, safety, name and address of manufacturer, importer, or producer. Meanwhile Chinese label and userí»s manual shall be provided according to the unit product or smallest selling unit.

In the random inspection, CIQ officers found that 10 varieties in the 22 varieties of stationary came with markings  and userí»s manuals that were not up to standards. They either did not have Chinese labels, or did not show product operative norm number in the Chinese labels.

In addition, CIQ inspectors also found that a batch of correction pens from Japan contained exceeding harmful materials. The containing benzene and hydrochloric ether( both are materials that is likely to cause cancer, malformation,mutation)  and exceeded national standards. According to national compulsory standard, the General Requirements for Safety of Studentsí» Supply. The benzene content in correction products(such as correction fluid, correction tapes, and correction pens ) shall not exceed 10mg/kg. And hydrochloric ether shall not contained in correction products. However, the test result showed that the organic solvent content of  this batch of correction pen was  49mg/kg, and the hydrochloric ether content was 1.14 mg/kg.

As an experienced customs clearance agent in Tianjin port reminds importers that it is important to find an professional China customs clearance services provider to get the required Chinese label done and prepare all required documents for legal customs clearance purpose, and to avoid the possible penalties rising from inspections during or after clearance.