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Attention! Declaring Used Mechanical and Electrical Products as New is Illegal - Tianjin Airport

Tianjin Airport Inspection and Quarantine Bureau(hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Airport Bureau) recently opened the container and did inspection on a batch of machining centers from South Korea. These machining centers were declared as new, but inspectors found the attached tool magazines were used old items, which meant this shipment mixed old with new and claimed used as new. In accordance with Enforcement Regulations for PRC Import and Export Commodities Laws, Tianjin Airport Bureau ordered the consignee to return this shipment.
Since AQSIQ published the NO.145 announcement of 2014 which adjusted the inspection and supervision rules of imported used mechanical and electrical products. From Dec.31, 2014, the above case has kept rising.  According to the statistics of Tianjin Airport Bureau, since 2015, they have dealt with seven used mechanical and electrical products cases that claimed used as new. With an invoice value of 390,000 US dollars, these shipments covered mechanical equipment, electric wire, electric cable and products in other categories. The quantity increased by 70% compared with same period of last year.

The violation cases mainly divided into below circumstances
1.The consignee took chances, declared used as new, attempted to avoid inspection and supervision
2.The shipper concealed the shipment facts on purpose and cheated the consignee.
3.Regarding new and old conditions of goods,  the  shipper did not thoroughly communicated with the consignee, and blindly shipped used mechanical and electrical products.
4. The consignee/shipper or declaration agent failed to understand the new policy correctly, and mistook cancellation of registration for imported used mechanical and electrical products as no need to declare new and old conditions of good.
For the above circumstances, Tianjin Airport Bureau has strengthened the inspection and supervision on low-credit enterprises, high-risk products and relevant sensitive regions, aiming to give severe blows to illegal import of  used mechanical and electrical products and maintain economic order. Meanwhile, Tianjin Airport Bureau has increased the publicity of the new inspection and supervision policy of imported used mechanical and electrical products,helping enterprises learn and understand relevant policies and their adjusted terms in advance.

used mechanical and electrical products that were imported against laws and regulations, not only may lead to environment pollution and bring threats to life heath and production safety, but also will disturb normal market order.  Once being investigated and dealt with, it will affect production process of enterprise, bring economic loss to both trade sides, and degrade their credit. For that, Tianjin Airport Bureau reminds relevant enterprises that, importation of used mechanical and electrical products must strictly follow the regulations of the No. 145 announcement, do thorough communication with the shipper, and declare honestly, to avoid  illegal acts and  irregularities.