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Guangzhou Seized and Returned Batches of Wasted/Used Electronic Equipment

Guangzhou Exit & Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau disclosed that their staff to China Post, during the on-field inspection of entry express items, intercepted and captured three batches of wasted/used electronic equipment, including two used cameras, nine used radio, one used small-sized sewing machines and three rolls of used photographic film.

It is introduced that the three batches of express items, from USA, were carried by American Martin Courier that declare the containing items were radio, old cameras, vintage second-hand film cameras, vintage second-hand hand sewing machine, vintage second-hand movie film, and shipped to Guangdong and Shanghai. Inspectors opened packages for inspection and found the the containing electronic equipment had obvious damages in appearance and wear and tear inside. Some equipment had obvious residual dust and noticeable trace of use. They fell into wasted electronic equipment.

Our country has canceled registration management policy on imported used mechanical and electrical products. For used mechanical and electrical products that are allowed to import, consignee or his agent shall prepare relevant certs, materials, and other required documents to handle China customs clearance procedures. But the seized three batches of used electronic equipment did not provide complete effective documents for import declaration. Therefore, Guangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus office to China post has returned the involving equipment in accordance with relevant regulations.

Seahog Guangzhou Branch, the Customs Broker Guangzhou, reminds consumers that:  they should learn relevant laws and regulations before mail-ordering used mechanical and electrical products and purchase by legal means. And they should  identify valid certificate of the products to purchase,  be alert to refurbished machine, and be aware that wasted mechanical and electrical products may carry harmful substance so as to avoid loss.