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Tianjin Port Detected Imported Hazardous Chemicals with Unqualified Public Labels

Recently, the Inspection and Quarantine Department of Tianjin Development Area, when conducting on-field inspection on a batch of silicane imported from USA, found that the Chinease hazard public content on the package was not consistent with the actual cargo details. The department thus ordered and helped the consignee company replace the Labels with the correct ones that conformed the actual nature and MSDS datas of the cargo. The shipment was released after the modification was done.
Silicane is hazardous article. This shipment was packed in seven cartons, with a total value of 16,000 US dollars. The inspectors, after careful comparison, found that the label content did not match the datas on MSDS, and was obviously not consistent with the cargo, and thus judged the Chinese harzard publication label was not qualified.

The department further learnt that  as the shipper of this shipment did not provide Chinese harzard public label, this consignee made one in accordance with the MSDS and the standards of the Unified Classification and Standard System of Global Chemicals. But the consignee, because of lack of professional knowledge, used pictograms to match hazard class and thus made a incorrect label. This disqualification reflected that the shipper did not pay enough attention to our countrys requirements on hazardous chemical import, and the consignee did not take the publicity system of hazardous chemicals and was lack of knowledge of hazardous articles.

When such hazardous articles with incorrect public labels are put into production, the operator can not learn the hazard nature and protection measures in the first time, which poses a big safety risk in case of accident.

As professional customs broker in Tianjin, we suggest importers of hazardous articles require shipper provide Chinese hazard public labels before shipping.