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The First Import Shipment Under China-Australia FTA Was Cleared in Shanghai

On December 21, the first imported shipment after FTA between China and Australia was put into implementation was cleared in Shanghai. The shipment contained 1.2 tons of fresh cherries originated in Australia declared by Shanghai Esenagro Products & Technology Development Co., LTD. The invoice value was 104, 000 yuan, and the deducted tariff reached 2438.7 yuan. Shanghai customs opened green channel for this shipment and gave it fast inspection and release.

í░It can be predicted that Australia share in Shanghai fruit market will be obviously raised with more competitive pricesí▒, Huang Xianhua, general manager of Shanghai OuHeng Import & Export Co., Ltd., said. It is introduced that as Australia fruit is of higher quality but the labor cost is high,  the tariff exemption and deduction will help Australia fruit further expand China market.

Before the implementation of  China-Australia FTA, our country had carried out 15 preferential agreements and arrangements. As one of the main beneficial industries, the tariffs for fruit from FTA partner countries and regions has been deducted year by year. Some fruit has enjoyed zero tariff. According to Shanghai customs statistics, Shanghai port imported 586,000 tons of fruit under preferential trade categories, and the total value reach 880 million US dollars, up by 21.7% and 37.2%, year on year.  Totally fruit originated in ten countries and regions receive the import benefit. And now Australia joins this group.

After China-Australia FTA went into effective on Dec.20, Chinese consumer can enjoy better prices on consumer goods imported from Australia, eg. beef, mutton, dairy products, grape wine, lobster and fruit. And for China export enterprises, the zero tariff items and trade volume finalized by Australia will reach 100%, and the tariff deduction period wont exceed five years. China export goods and enterprises will get a better export opportunity in a large scale, and the export volume is expected to expand further.