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Tianjin Port Returned Imported Flour Containing Brightener

Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Beijiang Office disclosed that they recently returned a batch of Rogers Enriched All-Purpose Flour made in Canada, because it contained benzoyl peroxide, a brightener for flour, and thus prevented this unqualified imported food from flowing into domestic market.

It is learned that when did pre-examination before inspection, the inspection and quarantine staff found that the ingredient list on the label contained benzoyl peroxide. According to the Announcement on Revoking Food Additive Benzoyl Peroxide and Calcium Peroxide by Ministry of Health and other six departments(No.4, 2011), the staff determined that the flour was not up to our countrys requirements for food safety and was not qualified.

Benzoyl Peroxide, a strong oxidant, can bleach flour and act as a preservative. Research suggests that it has certain side effects to human body.