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400 Cartons Imported Fruit Oatmeal with Exceeding Mold Was Destroyed in Tianjin Port

Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Beijiang Office recently destroyed an imported shipment containing 400 cartons of Bona Vita fruit oatmeal imported from Czech. According Beijiang office, the total weight of the destroyed oatmeal was 4800 KGS, and the invoice value was 6300 EURO.The staff of Beijiang office drew samples after on-field inspection and sent to laboratory for test, and the test result showed that the mold value reached 120CFU/g, far higher that the limit standard 50CFU/g. According to the relevant regulations of Hygienic Standards for Oatmeal (GB19640-2005) , Beijiang office determined that this shipment, not up to our national standards, was unqualified and should be destroyed.