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Hazardous Chemicals China Import Customs Clearance Procedures

Chinese government has strict supervision hazardous chemicals import. So it is very import to know import procedures and required materials before actual import.

1. Apply archival filing in advance
2. Issue contact letter
3. Commercial inspection declaration
4. Customs declaration
5. Sample test, and issue hazardous goods identification report

Required materials for archival filing
1. Safety Data Sheet of Cargo
2. Public Label
3. Business license
4. After the archival filing is successfully done, the importer or his agent can apply contact letter based on the actual situations of the cargo. The contact letter is valid for one month.
The public label is made based on MSDS. It should be labeled before shipping.

Required documents  for commercial inspection declaration and customs declaration include packing list, invoice, sales contract, declaration of conformity by business unit of imported dangerous chemicals, cargo photo and explanation, MSDS, contact letter. The declarations procedures of dangerous chemicals are basically same with other cargoes.

Sample Test and Identification Report
After customs releases the cargo, the importer or his agent shall contact CCIC  for sample test. The test hazardous characteristics  classification identification report, with one-year validity can be obtained in about one month