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Export Coatings & Paintings to China - How to Do Chinese Archival Filings

When import coatings and paintings into China, how to confirm whether it is required to do archival filing? And what materials shall be submitted for the archival filing of coatings and paintings to be imported.

Well, below are the required documents:
Archival filing application form of imported coatings and paintings.
Business license photocopy of the applicant. For coatings and paintings that need to be sub packed after being imported, business license of the sub-packing factory is also required. Photocopies shall be stamped with official seal.
Importerí»statement that hazardous substance content meets national technical requirements
Importerí»statement regarding the specific usage of coatings and paintings that are not used in interior decoration
CCC certificate or CCC exempt
The basic components, brand, model, place of origin, manufacturer, appearance, label, marking, whether need to add additives when using, basic components of additives, sub-pack factory and its location , sub-packed product label, and related explanatory materials in Chinese.
Product samples

archival filing procedures of coatings and paintings to be importedú║
Bring the above mentioned materials to test center for application
If the materials go through examinationúČthe center will issue acceptance notice in five working days
After receiving acceptance notice, the applicant shall submit samples for special test and pay test fee in advance.
The test result will come out in 15 working days. If the sample are qualified, the applicant submit the test report. And the archival filing book of coatings and paintings can be obtained in three working days.

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