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The Product Approval and Customs Clearance Procedures of Imported Cosmetics

1.The importing enterprise or its agent submits 7 samples for each product to  Institute of Preventive Medicine for test on heavy metal, micro microorganism, sensitiveness and obtain qualification certificate.
2.Register at China Food and Drug Administration and obtain registration certificate.
Do Chinese label registration at local CIQ
3.Arrange shipment to destination port for customs clearance.
4.Drag goods to customs-control warehouse, and make appoint with CIQ official for sampling test, and obtain Chinese Sanitary Certificate
5.Pick up goods.

Required materials for China customs clearance for imported customs clearance include packing list, invoice, commercial invoice, certificate origin or certificate of free sales, Chinese label approval application for, Chinese label sample, original label and its Chinese translation, evidentiary materials that reflect specific properties of products, ingredient list, health certificate, test report, inspection and quarantine certificate.