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China Customs Clearance Solutions For Imported Cosmetics

Cosmetic Import Taxes
Ordinary skin-care product - import duty 6.5%, value added tax 17%
Make-up & perfume - import duty 10%, value added tax 17% , consumption tax 30%

Generally, people import cosmetics into China by general trade or frontier petty trade method.

Imported cosmetics general trade customs declaration
First of all, cosmetics produced outside China shall obtain hygiene certificate for imported cosmetics from PRC Food and Drug Administration before entering China and being sold in China Market.  To obtain the hygiene certificate, the importing unit or its agent shall do hygiene safety test at Ministry of Health  recognized  hygiene test organization . When the test is done and the result shows the cosmetics are qualified, the importing unit or its agent can proceed to file for application of the hygiene certificate. It takes 4-6 months to obtain the certificate, and the costs are expensive.

The required documents for obtaining  hygiene certificate for imported cosmetics are as follows:
-application form
- product formula
- product quality standard
Test report issued by hygiene test organization recognized by  Ministry of Health and related materials, listed below:
--inspection and quarantine application form
-- inspection acceptance notice
-- product specifications
-- hygiene test report
-- toxicology test report
-- original package, including original label
-- package designed for Chinese market, including label
-- certificate that proves that the products are allowed to sell in production country or place or origin.
-- letter of commitment concerning BSE
-- agency agreement, if an agent is hire for application
-- other related materials
-- un-open samples

Frontier Petty Trade Imported Customs Clearance - only for small quantity cosmetics
- simplified procedures, no need to provide permit
- lower cost, charges based on weight
- fast speed,
- client shall provide product brand, quantity, weight, volume, and total value .