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Jiangsu Ports - Strengthen Supervision Over Imported Organic Products

In recent  years, along with public attention to food safety, organic food has become consumption hots pots gradually, while import quantity of foreign organic products has been increasing year by year. According to customs data, Jiangsu ports imported 13280 batches food with a total value of 2.15 billion usds from April to October this year. Therein, four batches (that has obtain China organic food certification ) were voluntarily declared as organic food. The involving cargo value is 173,000 usds. They were found qualified in quarantine and inspection and were released then. And in the random inspection, Jiangsu ports seized 14 batches of illegal imported products that had not yet obtained China Organic Food Certification, yet the external package came with organic wording or foreign organic products certification marking, and the relevant importers did not voluntarily declare them as organic food. The involving cargo value was around 450,000 usds. The illegally imported products mainly were puree, infant and baby convenient food, honey. Customs has ordered related imported to do modification within specific time frame.

It is reported that, Jiangsu CIQ organized and held special campaign that aimed to supervise and inspect imported organic product market province-wide in September and October of 2014. Totally, over 300 inspection officer took part in this big campaign. They inspected more than 70 distribution and sales places including super markets, shopper malls, specialty stores of imported food. Some regions invited Industry and Commerce and quality supervision departments to carry out joint law enforcement.  In the inspection, it was found that over 20 kinds of products being sold on the market  were on suspicion of violating the relevant regulations of Organic Product Certification Management Methods. The main problem was that the involving products did not obtain China Organic Product Certification, yet there were Organic wording and foreign organic product certification marking on the external package. The suspected products include Infant milk powder, biscuits, honey, oatmeal, fruit jam, and beer.  Jiangsu CIQ ordered relevant sellers to take these products of shelf, issued 11 copies of Administration Order and Modification Order, and had talks with 7 violating dealers.

Jiangsu CIQ reminds importers to learn Organic Product Certification Management Methods, and the entry requirements of imported organic products. For those products to be imported as organic products, or those having Organic wording on product package, label, product specification, promotion materials, importers shall voluntarily declare to CIQ, and provide organic product certification, certification marking, organic code, certificate of sales and other requirement materials, when doing import declarations. In case that problems are found in entry inspection, importer shall do follow-up treatments according to the requirements of CIQ. The follow-up treatments usually include
1.Do modification, submit  missing declaration documents, add or remove Organic wording on external package.
2.Destroy or return those can not be modified

When purchasing and selling imported products, it is advised to check if there is organic wording or marking in package, label, product specification, and promotion materials. If the mentioned situation exists, importers shall obtain China Organic Product Certification and photocopy of certificate of free sales for organic products. Also importer should check the validity of the certification to ensure the listed category, scope, and quality of organic products are consistent with actual cargo. If the supplier can not provide the mentioned materials, the relevant products are not allowed to be sold in China.