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Ningbo Ports - Continuous Sharp Increase of Baby Paper Diaper Imports In First 10 Months of 2014

According to Ningbo customs data, Ningbo ports imported 6919 tons of baby paper diapers from January to October, with a total value of 350 million RMB, increased 2,8 times, comparing with same period last year. Import of baby paper diapers at Ningbo port has kept a fast increase this year. Every monthly import quantity and prices grow multiply. October alone, the import quantity was 1815 tons, with a total value of 91.29 million RMB, which was a history peak. Private enterprises were the leading import force, with 6708 tons import quantity, a 2.7-time increase rate, accounting for 97% of the total import quantity at this period. General trade was the main import method. The involving import quantity reached 6708 tons, presenting 2.7 times of increase, accounting for 79.7% of the total import quantity. Customs controlled zone logistics cargo imported 1334 tons, rose sharply by 30.9 tons. Japan is the import source, with a 6830 tons import. The increase rate was 2.8 tons. And the import quantity accounted for 98.7% of the total.

In recent years, the improvements of domestic living standards and peoples trust for quality of imported paper diapers has impelled the continuous increase of baby paper diapers import. Meanwhile, in the Singles day, diapers, as the flagship products of Cross-border Trade E-commerce enterprises, were highly sought after by consumers, which continuously nudge edthe sharply increase of baby diaper import at Ningbo ports