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What Documents are Required for China Import Customs Clearance of Beer Material Roasted Malt

Roasted malt, an agricultural product and a common food material, is usually used to produce beer. As a big consumption country of beer, China import quantity of beer has been increasing in recent years. Meanwhile, China has great demand of imported beer materials for domestic beer production. So how to handle China customs clearance for malt import?

Well, import of malt does not need quota. But it is required to do domestic consignee registration for import of agricultural products. And what is more important, quarantine permit shall be obtain in advance. It takes around 20 working days to get the quarantine permit done.

Seahog, the expert China customs clearance agent for food and food materials, provides a complete set of import services for roasted malt and other beer materials.

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So what other documents are required for customs clearance of roasted malt?
1. Original Labels and their Chinese translation
2. Certificate of Origin- offical
3. Health Certificate(Official - also called Sanitary certificate,or certificate of free sales)
4. Packing Certificate - by manufacturer
5. Ingredient Analysis Report by third party Lab
6. Nutrition Facts Test Report by third party Lab
7. Production date certificate - by manufacturer
8. Sales contract, invoice, packing list
9. Phytosanitary Certificate -Offical