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Paper Diaper China Import Customs Clearance - The Procedures and The Documents

It is required to do Toxicological Test when your import shipment of paper diaper arrives in China. The test projects include toxicology, deviation, penetrating quality, PH value, moisture content, microorganism and other

Seahog, provide Toxicological Test agency services and a full set of China customs clearance services for imported paper diapers.

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What materials are required for toxicological test?
1.samples and specifications
2.enterprise materials
3.application letter signed by the applicator

The tax rates for imported paper diapers
HS code: 9619001000
Import duty: 4.5%
Value added tax:17%

SeaHog International Logistics Co., Ltd, with a huge import service network that covers Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Suzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Hong Kong, has rich experience in handling China import customs clearance of paper diapers. Our expert team of over 300 members provides you with fast, secured, and professional import customs declaration, transportation, and local transportation services.

For imported paper diaper, Seahog provide import declaration, toxicological sea freight, Chinese Label design & registration, local transportation, and delivery, door to door, and port to door import customs clearance solutions.

Required documents for customs clearance:
1.Certificate of origin
2.Health certificate/sanitary certificate
3.Packing list, invoice, sales contract, bill of lading
It is suggested to prepare documents in advance so as to save operation time.  

The customs clearance procedures:
Shipment arrival exchange documents  commodity inspection declaration obtain entry bill customs declaration obtain tax bill  inspections  customs release  (it takes around 5-7 working days to complete the above steps, if documents are correctly prepared, and the goods itself has no problem, and the taxes are paid in time ) do toxicological test(around two months )

Please decide you design the Chinese label by yourself or our company design the Chinese label for you in advance. Again, to save time.

Usually, diapers are loaded to 40HQ, and one 40HQ container can load 3800-4000 packs of paper diapers, and the total weight is around 9 tons, with a rough total value 400,000 RMB.  

If you have any further questions regarding paper diaper import, please write me an email, and advise the involving brand, model, place of origin, Original label, and cargo value, our team will reply you with detailed import solution.