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Red Wine Import Broker - China Import Customs Clearance Procedures and the Import Taxes

SeaHog International Logistics Co., Ltd has an expert team that professionally handle China customs clearance of imported food. Red wine, beer, olive oil, chocolate, fruit juice, tea leaf, milk powder, mineral water, biscuits, coffee bean and coffee, roasted malt, cocoa powder, honey, oatmeal, noodle, cakes, candies, canned food, food materials, food ingredients, coconut oil, are part of the long list of imported food our team have handled this year. Our rich experience and operators of expertise skills ensure you hassle-free China import customs clearance of all kinds of food products.  

Our suggestions for red wine import: Check with a China customs broker like our company  if all the required documents are correctly prepared before shipment, or at least before shipment arrivals, so as to save operation time and thus save costs. This is very important.

So what documents are required to get China customs clearance of red wine  done in China ports - Like Tianjin port, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan ? - Seahog has operation centers in ALL these cities.

1. Original Labels and their Chinese translation
2. Certificate of Origin- offical
3. Health Certificate(Official - also called Sanitary certificate,or certificate of free sales)
4. Packing Certificate - by manufacturer
5. Ingredient Analysis Report by third party Lab
7. bottling date certificate - by manufacturer
8. Sales contract, invoice, packing list

And please state below information of each red wine variety:
1:Commodity Name(Chinese name and Foreign name):
2: Processing Method(brewed by fresh grapes? ):
3:Alcohol Concentration:
5:Vintage(if their is no vintage date, pls declare as non-vintage):
6:-Producing Area(Chinese name and Foreign name):
7:- Winery/chateau Name(Chinese name and Foreign name):
8:- Grape Variety(Chinese name and Foreign name):
9:-Packing specifications( unit packing specification * unit QTY/box):
10:-Brand(Chinese name and Foreign name ):

The clearing procedures:
Arrange shipment and prepare required documents í˙ shipment arrival  í˙document exchange  í˙commodity commodity declaration  í˙ obtain bill of entry, do Chinese label registration  í˙ customs declaration, and paste Chinese Label  í˙pay taxes and do inspections  í˙ customs release  í˙sampling test and obtain Chinese sanitary certificate

The import taxes
Chinese HS code for red wine: 2204210000
Import duty: 14%
Value added tax: 17%
Consumption tax:10%