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China Customs Clearance Procedures and the Required Documents for Import of Used Machines

Well, normally, five major steps are involved in the China customs clearance for import of used machines.
1. Obtain Pre-shipment Inspection Registration Certificate (for used mechanical and electrical products
2.Pre-shipment Inspection by CCIC,
3.Obtain automatic import license(for specific used machine only)
4.Commodity inspection declaration
5.Customs declaration

Required documents for step one
1.Business licenses of applicant, consignee, and shipper
2.Sales contract between buyer and seller
3.Application for Pre-shipment Inspection Registration Certificate
4.Detailed list of used machine(s) to be imported, including commodity name(s), HS code(s), specifications, place of production, date of production, manufacturer, machine conditions, price, function and application.
5.Other relevant materials

Required documents for step two
1.Pre-shipment Inspection Registration Certificate
2.Packing list of used machines
3. Business licenses of applicant, consignee, and shipper(photocopy)
4. Statement of used machine conditions, materials that prove year of production, color photos that reflect machine features

Step three is required for specific used machines. The correspondent hs code has the say. The required documents for step three are as follows:
1.Business license of importer company(photocopy), Permit of Foreign-Fund Enterprise(photocopy) or Qualification Certificate of Import & Export Enterprise(photocopy)
2.Application report for importing used mechanical and electrical products(original copy)
3.Quality test report by foreign supplier(photocopy), and the Pre-shipment Inspection Registration Certificate by CCIC(photocopy)
4.Sales contract between buyer and seller(photocopy )

The required documents for step four include
1.Bill of lading
2.Pre-shipment Inspection Registration Certificate
3.Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate of Qualification.
4.Packing list, invoice, sales contract
5.And/or automatic import license
6.Authorization letter for commodity inspection declaration

The required documents  for step five:
1. Packing list, invoice, sales contract, users instruction of used machine(s)
2. Bill of entry