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The Common Problems in China Customs Clearance Of Imported Food

Since 2010, food import has been an irreversible trend. Seahog is lucky to be part of this trend, as a China customs broker, helping clients clear China customs for all kinds of food products, excluding fresh fruit, fresh/frozen sea food and meat. Well, here today we would like to share some experience about China customs clearance of imported food for importersí» reference.

1 alcohol(for example, red wine, fruit wine, beer). During customs clearance, the competent apartments will check if heavy metal content exceeds national standards. And at the price valuation section, Customs officers will be very strict to check if the importer under-declare import prices. Seahog often clear alcohol products from French, Italy, Chile, Spanish, Australia, Germany, and other countries and regions.

 2. Oil products( for example olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil ). It is required to provide CMAF test report, and phytosanitary certificate to clear customs. Olive oil are mainly imported from Mediterranean countries, coconut oil form  Southeast Asian nations, sunflower oil from Malaysia and Ukraine

3. Beverage, fruit juice, and mineral water. It is important to check if the ingredients meet National Standards, if the microorganism content exceeds National standards, and if the products to be shipped are health-care/functional drinks.

4. Canned food. For Canned food that made of plants/vegetables, phytosanitary certificate is required. And for canned food that contain meats, animal quarantine certificate is required. Plus the manufacturers shall have been registered in AQSIQ, otherwise the import of canned food containing meat into China is not allowed. 

5. Biscuits, oatmeal, puffed food. During the clearance, microorganism content and  moisture content are often found exceeding National Standards.

Seahog provides a complete set of China import customs clearance services for imported food. Our professional team will help you check if the test results of imported food are up to Chinese National standards or not, and thus avoid the shipment returning or destroy by China customs after problems are detected after shipment arrival.