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China Import Customs Declaration and Clearance For Imported Timber and Wood Products

Timber/wood China import Customs declaration is one of the sections Seahog has been proud of. After years of actual operation, Seahog has established quite good words-of-month and significant advantages in providing China customs clearance services for imported timber, wood, and wood furniture and products.

We has been an exclusive China customs broker for hundreds of large furniture factories and timber markets, and timber/wood speculators of all sizes for years, thus we have accumulated thousands of import cases of different timbers and woods from all over the world and are familiar with the declaration prices and their floating laws. Plus, our services are available in Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hongkong and Dongguan. And we are able to obtain non-endangered species certificate, and import license for precious and rare woods.

Timber/Wood/Wood crafts&furniture import operation procedures
Sign import agency contract ¡ú importer provides shipment details¡úconfirm the Latin name¡úconfirm if it is required to obtained Certificate For Non-Regulated Species or Certificate for Regulated Species¡úarrange shipment¡úshipment arrival¡údeclare commodity inspection¡údeclare customs¡úobtain tax bills¡úpay taxes¡úcustoms inspection¡úcargo release¡úfumigation¡úarrange delivery

Our advantages in import customs declaration of timber, wood, wood crafts, and wood furniture.
1.We are familiar with the import valuated prices of common timbers from North America, African and Southeast China
2.We preview sales contract, invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate and ensure they are accurately prepared.
3.We go to the inspection field to explain cargo situation, and solve problems if any, so as to speed up clearance
4.We assist client to prepare document,handle the inconsistency between documents.

Since June, 2013, it is required to obtain CITES certificate to import wood into China. Seahog, as the a professional China customs clearance agent in China, we can help clients obtain Certificate for Endangered Species.