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Export Red Wine to China for the First Time - Notes for Transportation and Customs Clearance

Seahog provides a wide range import services for importation of red wine, including customs declaration, commodity inspection declaration, Chinese label making, Chinese label registration, customs clearance. Considering the complexity of red wine import, it is highly suggested to choose a professional China import customs agent to reduce risks and eventually save costs.

Consignee Qualifications 
The consignee of imported red wine shall have running qualification of alcohols in their business scope, which means it shall hold business certificate for alcohols and sanitary hygiene license. Plus, it shall get registered at local Department of Commerce as a foreign trade dealer. In case that your consignee does not qualified, you can use Seahog¡¯s qualifications.

Transportation Notes for Red Wine Import
For large quantity red wine, sea freight is recommended, while air freight is suggested for small quantity high-end exclusive red wine. The transportation mode shall be decided before the sales contract is signed.  It is also recommended to book shipment as early as possible to avoid temporary change that will affect shipping and delay shipment. In summer, goods hold up at the dock easily leads aging of red wine because of high temperature. Plus it is important to get red wine insured during transportation as bottle red wine is fragile item.

Customs Clearance Flow of Imported Red wine

Prepare required materials for customs clearance in China(including certificate of origin, health certificate, bottling date certificate, original label and its Chinese translation, test report by third party lab, ingredient list, certificate for grape varieties, invoice, packing list, sales contract  )and shipment¡úChinese label design¡úshipment arrival¡údeclare customs & commodity inspection, Chinese label registration¡ú inspections, sampling test, paste Chinese label¡úobtain Chinese sanitary 

Seahog has been helping clients get red wine from the main producing areas imported to China. Welcome to contact us if you plan to export red wine to China.