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Tianjin Port Returned Germany Beer with Illegal Food Additives

Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Bonded Zone Office recently returned a batch of imported beer that use food additive illegally in accccordance with relevant regulations.

It is reported that, this beer shipment was from Germany, totally containing 1900 cartons, 46,000 bottles, and 23,000 litre beer. When doing on-field inspection, the inspetors found that the ingredient list on the original label contained acesulfame potassium used as sweetening agent. According to our countrys Use Standards of Food Additives GB2760-2014:  acesulfame potassium is not allowed to add to beer. Therefore, this batch of beer was not up to our national food safety standards and were thus unqualified. Tianjin Bureau issued unqualified certificate and returned this shipment.