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Two Major Certificates You Should Obtain before Handling China Customs Clearance for Imported Used Machines

Well, China customs has very strict supervision over import of used machines. It requires two certificates for customs clearance of used machines.

1. Pre-shipment Inspection Registration Certificate (for used mechanical and electrical products). This certificate shall be obtained at CIQ . And it takes around two weeks to get it done.  

2. Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate of Qualification (for used mechanical and electrical products). If you arrange shipment directly to the destination port, the inspection and the certificate shall be conducted by CCIC outside China. After making appointment, the CCIC inspector will go to the factory, conduct the inspection, and do related assessments. The inspection aims to check if electricity safety, use safety, sanitary conditions, and environment conditions of the machines are up to China national standard. It takes around 2-3 weeks to get this section done.

Therefore, if you ship directly to the destination port, you will have to wait around one month for the two certificates, and arrange shipment then.

Or you can ship to Hong Kong, and get the second certificate Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate of Qualification (for used mechanical and electrical products) done there, which means the pre-shipment inspection and the certificate will be done by CCIC Hong Kong. In case modifications are required, our company, as the expert China customs clearance broker for imported used machine,  can coordinate as well. If you choose to do pre-shipment inspection in Hong Kong, you can arrange shipment without waiting.

Please decide and confirm where to do the pre-shipment inspection. Hong Kong or outside China? Please advise then, so we can start to prepare materials. We will be the agent to get the two certificates done, in either solution.

In addition,  please advise us which city the used machines are stocked now? How many containers will be involved for this shipment? 20 feet container or 40 feet container?