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China Customs Clearance and Pre-shipment Agent for Importation of Used Engineering Machines

Seahog professionally handle the import cusoms clearance of used engineering machines in China. Our services include: CCIC pre-shipment inspection agency, obtain automatic import license, commodity inspection declaration, customs declaration, customs inspection, commmodity inspection, warehouse, local transporation, overseas purchase, and relevant  services.

Seahog is an old brand in providing import customs declaration of used machines in China. Seahog is also one of the largest China customs brokers, with over 16 year experience, and huge service network, and an expert team of over 300 personnels. Our experience and expertise in this section ensure you a smooth customs clearance for getting your used engineering machines into China.

The operation procedures:
clent provides basic information and photos of relevant machines¡úcontact CCIC for preshipment inspection¡úobtain Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate of Qualification (for used mechanical and electrical products)¡úarrange sea freight to China¡úobtain automatic import license¡úshipment arrival¡údeclare commodity inspection¡úobtain bill of entry¡údeclare customs¡úpay taxes based on the tax bills¡úcustoms inspection¡úcustoms release cargo¡úpock up goods and arrange delivery

Qualification of Chinese Consignee
For China import of used Engineering Machines, it is very important to check if the actual Chinese consignee include engine machines running in their business scope. In other words, the Chinese consignee shall hold  the right to use the used engineering machines in relevant engineering construction or has the qualification to sell them.

Choosing used  Engineering Machines
And when choosing machines overseas, please do not choose machines that are over 15 years old or have worked more than 8000 hours.

Notes of Pre-shipment Inspection
Do not pack the machines before pre-shipment inspection as the inspection requires the machines to be naked.

Our services is available in Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Suzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hongkong,

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