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Wood Handcrafts China Import Customs Declaration and Clearing Agent Services

Our China import Customs declaration, China import customs clearance, and local transportation, warehouse, and delivery services for wood handicrafts are available in Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Ningbo, Chengdu airport, Guangzhou, Guangzhou airport, Shenzhen, Shenzhen airport, and Dongguan.

The required documents for China customs clearing of imported wood handicrafts include certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate, packing list, invoice, sales contract, Latin name and English name of the wood. If the wood materials are listed in endangered species, the CITES certificate and Certificate for Endangered Species will be required. And if the wood that the handicrafts are made of is Non-Regulated Species Listed in the HS Commodity Appendix of Import & Export on Wild Fauna & Flora, the Certificate for Non-Regulated Species shall be obtained in advance. Therein,  Certificate for Endangered Species and Certificate for Non-Regulated Species are issued by relevant department of Chinese government. We can help clients obtain both these two certificates. It takes around one week to get certificate for Non-Regulated Species done, and around two months for Certificate for Endangered Species.

The China import taxes of wood handicrafts
Import duty: 0% -7.5%, depending on the wood species
Value added tax: 17%

The operation procedures and time frame
1.Exchange documents after shipment arrival
2.Commodity inspection declaration, and obtain bill of entry, 2-3 days
3.Customs declaration, obtain tax bills, pay taxes, 1-2 days
4.Inspections, 1-2 days
5.Arrange delivery, half or one day

Our expertise team handles lots of wood handicrafts from Pakistan, India, Thailand, USA, Burma and other countries and regions all the year round. Our experience and skills can ensure you a smooth and cost-effective customs clearance at ports of China