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Yantai Port Returned Two Used Machines Declared as New

When conducting on-field inspection on food processing machines declared by one Yantai enterprise, Yantai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau found two machines that were declared as new were in fact used. Yantai Bureau has ordered and supervised the consignee return the goods. This was the first time that Yantai port detected used-claimed-as-new imported machines since the publication of AQSIQs Announcement on Adjusting the Inspection Supervision of Imported Used Mechanical and Electrical Products.

According to Yantai Bureau, in the declarations, the two machines were declared as new products. As inspection found out, the machine appearance was intact though, rubber tubes and tuber rings aged and discolored seriously, the bottom of heating container presented brown color and had sediments, the lugs had dents caused by electric shock, which all indicated that the two machines were in fact used.

As the two machines did not handle pre-shipment inspection and legal inspection procedures of imported commodities, Yantai Bureau rejected the commodity inspection declarations and ordered the consignee return them in accordance with relevant laws. Meanwhile,

Seahog, as the professional China customs clearance agent for used machines reminds relevant importers that, although AQSIQ has cancelled the registration for imported used mechanical and electrical products, the other inspection and supervision procedures have not been changed and shall be followed.