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The Potential Safety Hazards of Imported Used Mechanical and Electrical Equipment From Korea Caní»t be Ignored

Since this year, Shandong Weihai Port has totally detected 52 batches of unqualified imported used mechanical and electrical products with a total shipment value of 6237 thousand US dollars. Therein, 46 batches were from Korean, with a total value of 5458 thousand US dollars, accounting for 88.5% of the unqualified batches and 87.5% of total shipment value respectively. The unqualified problems mainly are as listed follows

- the equipment has no safety protective device, no effective ground protection, and no insulation protection
- the voltage systems and information signs do not meet our national standards.

These problems lead to potential safety hazards in equipment operation and maintenance.

It is learned that Korea suppliers are commonly lack of knowledge of our countryí»s compulsory standards and requirements. When they supply used mechanical and electrical equipment to China, they do not fully consider our countryí»s  and technical regulations and compulsory standards and requirement on power supply system, electrical safety and mechanical safety, which causes defects of varying degrees in used mechanical and electrical products imported from their country. In addition, a few enterprises declare used equipment as new equipment to avoid the pre-shipment inspection and thus lower costs,  or change HS code,  illegally mix CCC products, pressure vessels, CRT display in the shipment to avoid inspection and supervision.

As customs clearance agent in China for imported used machines, Seahog suggests enterprises that plan to import used used mechanical and electrical products to pay high attention to the quality of used equipment from Korea and urge their suppliers strengthen inspection and maintenance of equipment and make sure use safety and sanitary environment meet the standards. Before actual import, importers shall communicate with Korea suppliers thoroughly and make suppliers know our countryí»s regulations and technical standards and requirements on mechanical equipment well so as to avoid blind import that would lead to extra costs and risks.