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Something You Shall Know Before Export/Import Himalaya Rock Salt to China

Can Himalaya Rock Salt be Imported into Chinese Mainland via General TradeNo. In accordance with China National Standards on Edible Salt, edible salt shall be white, taste salty, and have no unpleasant smell and no foreign objects irrelevant to salt. Himalaya rock salt is pink crystals, which does not meet the requirement as stipulated in National standards that the whiteness of edible salt shall be greater than or equal to 45. So Himalaya rock salt can not imported into China as edible salt whose HS code is 2501.0011 with 0% import duty and 9% value added tax. 

Is there any other way to Import Himalaya Rock Salt to China as Edible Salt? Yes, the only possible legal way is to import edible Himalaya calt to China via cross-border e-commerce. How it works?

Step 1, the importer in Chinese mainland shall go to China customs to fill relevant info of the Himalaya salt to be imported and make registration before importation. In this step, pictures of edible Himalaya salt that is being sold in supermarkets, shops and stores shall be provided. The shipping can be arranged after the registration is successfully made.

Step 2, the importer in Chinese mainland shall have online shop(s). The import agent connects with the online shop(s) in the specific system and moves the imported edible Himalaya rock salt which has been registration to bonded zone. When the online shop(s) have real orders, the relevant rock salt will be shipped from bonded zone, and China customs will collect taxes in accordance with two main principles: personal use and reasonable quantity. 

In case that the importer just has physical shop(s) and does not have online shops, the address(es) of physical shop(s) and the real order info shall be submitted to China customs for review before the relevant rock salt can be shipped from bonded zone.

Himalaya rock salt that is used as bath salt or decoration materials can be imported into Chinese mainland via general trade. But the documentation and customs clearance procedures will be different.

 Himalaya rock salt that is intended to import as both salt shall obtain registration certificate for imported non-special use cosmetics before actual import. That is to say, it shall follow the import procedures of skincare products. And the HS code shall be 3307300000 with 3% import duty and 13% value added tax.

The import customs clearance in China for Himalaya rock salt that is intended to import as decoration materials or for industrial use will be much simpler and easier because in this case it is just a type of general cargo. 25010019(import duty 0%,) will be right HS code in this circumstance. 

Relevant Reading 
Around 280 million years ago, the Himalayan region was an ocean on which the Himalayas stood up later due to crustal movements later. Residual sea water hidden about 600 meters underground incorporated with sea salt and mineral substance and became fossils of salt after staying in high temperature and being squeezing for a very long time. The fossils of salt are Himalaya rock salt. Impurities in salt dikes make Himalaya rock salt look pink or beet red. The purification level of Himalaya rock salt flow into market is relatively low and the remaining pink becomes its selling point. 

The salt dikes of Himalaya rock salt are concentrated in east of Pakistan. Except some brand packed finished Himalaya rock salt is imported from USA, more than 90% of the imported Himalaya rock salt in Chinese mainland market is originated from Pakistan. Customs statistics show that the total value of Himalaya rock salt imported in the first half of 2020 reached twelve million two hundred thousand yuan.

Himalaya rock salt is mainly used as edible salt, bath salt and decoration materials. 

How edible Himalaya rock salt is processed?
Mining grading, salting cleaning, purifying drying, crushing particle screening metal detecting and removing Optical sorting  manual re-check  sterilized packing

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