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What to DO Before and After Sending Parcels/Packages to China?

What courier/post services to choose when you have parcel(s)/package(s) to send to China?

If the package contains small quantity, low value item(s) that are for personal use only, and the item(s) are not needed urgently, go with post services which are slow but quite cost effective.  In other cases, we suggest use courier services like DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, SF which easier for customs clearance in China and faster in delivery.

Please kindly note that EMS is not customs clearance friendly when your packages contains items that are not a few in term of quantity and value, especially when it contains food and used items.

What you shall do before sending post/ DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, SF courier parcel(s)/package(s) to China?

Write down name, quantity, price of each item, and indicate them honestly and accurately on the invoice which will be required for the post/courier services. Keep purchase receipts and invoices of all containing items if possible. China customs may require you present them during customs clearance in China.

We strongly suggest you contact a customs broker in China before you put in foods and used items inside the packages.

What shall you do after  sending post/ DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, SF courier parcel(s)/package(s) to China?

Keep track of it. In case that it is hold by China customs, contact a customs broker in China immediately. Parcels must be declared and cleared as soon as possible. If too late, no broker will be willing to help declare because China attaches greater importance to customs clearance efficiency then before and the parcels will end up being destroyed.

Seahog has rich experience in assisting customs clearance for stuck courier packages and parcels containing varieties of items,  both personal and company items. And our services is available in Beijing airport, Chengdu airport, Shanghai airport, Shenzhen airport and Guangzhou airport.

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