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How to Send Mobile phone/Handphone to China by Courier DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT?

We are a customs broker in China and we assist customs clearance in China for stuck r DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT parcels and other stuck courier packages. Our services in this field is available in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, and Dalian. With rich experience in this field, we want to guide people who want to send mobile phone/handphone to China for personal use as we see too many packages contain mobile phone(s)/handphone(s) can not be cleared and end up being returned or destroyed.

When you send mobile phone/handphone to China, do not be greedy, please just send one. Yes, please just put one and only mobile phone/handphone, do not put any other items into the package. As below are two cases for your better understanding.

Case 1
An Indonesian woman sent a Fedex package to her husband who worked in Dalian, China. The package contained one Xiaomi phone and unfortunately also some other items. Since the package exceeded RMB1000 and there were more than one items inside, it could not be cleared as personal items. It could not be cleared as company goods either because matching CCC certificate for the phone must be provided and the woman was unable to provide it. Under this circumstance, the only solution was to get the package returned.However, DGM report was needed for the phone to get on plane, and the woman could not provide UN 38.3 test report for the battery of the phone to undertake the DGM test. In the end, the package was destroyed as it could not be cleared or returned.

Case 2
A South Africa girl who studied in Wenzhou, China had a DHL package stuck in Shanghai. The package was sent by her family in South Africa and according to her, the package just contained an Iphone. However, when customs opened the package, a bag of corn flakes was found also there. In this case, the package could not be cleared as personal effect as it contained two items and the total value was over RMB1000. The girl had difficulty to obtain CCC certificate to get the package cleared as company samples. In the end, she had to return the package, and ask her family take corn flakes out and resend the iPhone

The only solution was to get the package returned and take out the corn flakes and resend only the iphone.

Key Notes:
1. If package value is over RMB1000, it can still be cleared as personal use item if it contains just one item.

2. If the package contains more than one item and the package value is over RMB1000, it is not possible to clear it as personal items. The alternative way is to clear it as company goods and you need a China customs broker to help you. But special certificate(s) may be required for specific goods. For example, the customs clearance of handphone/mobile phone needs CCC certificate if cleared as company goods.

Price Proof

When you send mobile phone/handphone to China, please keep purchase receipt/invoice so you can show China customs to prove the declared price is correct and honest.

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