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 Cashew Guangzhou Customs Clearance - The Required Procedures and Documents

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Cashew Import
Step one:
do shipper and consignee registration at local CIQ before shipment arrival. Only with the registration number, can commodity inspection proceed. Please note that the consignee shall hold food circulation permit.

Step two: get required documents ready, such as invoice, packing list, sales contract, certificate of origin, health certificate, certificate of analysis, packing certificate, production date certificate, phytosanitary certificate. If the shipment involves wooden pallet, then the pallet shall have IPPC marking. Otherwise, certificate of fumigation shall be provided. 

Step three:  do declarations
The declaration procedures: exchange document¡úcommodity inspection declaration¡úobtain commodity inspection declaration number and bill of entry¡údo Chinese label registration¡úcustoms declaration¡úprice examination¡úcustoms issue tax bills¡úimporter pays taxes¡úcustoms inspection¡úcustoms release¡úmove container supervision warehouse¡údraw samples,paste Chinese labels¡úmove shipment to importer¡¯s warehouse¡úwait for test result and Chinese sanitary Certificate

The required documents for Chinese label registration include original labels, Chinese translation of original labels, photocopy of dealer¡¯s business license. CIQ has strict requirements for the making of Chinese labels of imported food. Our experienced team can help you design Chinese labels to save time for you.