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15% Guangzhou Imported Food in Recent Three Years was Unqualified

According to the data disclosed by Guangzhou CIQ, the disqualification rate of imported food through Guangzhou port reaches 15.67% in recent 3 years. Therein, P&G  Pringles were found containing transgenic ingredients, and Biostime pork liver powder were detected with exceeding clenbuterol.

The data shows that Guangzhou ports annual food import value is near 10 billion US dollars, accounting 80% of the whole province, and 20% of the country, No.1 in both the province and the country. The imported food involves 37 big categories and thousands of varieties. In terms of imported value, the top 5 commodities are edible oils, dairy, rice, meat and candies.

Along with the rapid increase of imported food, quantity and varieties, the relevant safety problem has become increasingly prominent . Guangzhou CIQ claims that the disqualification rate of imported food at Guangzhou port reaches 15.67%. Just take deeply-processed food for example, Guangzhou CIQ detected 4370 batches unqualified last year. The total value was 160 billion US dollars. The disqualification rate was 20.4%, increased by 81% compared with same period last year.

The inspection and quarantine on the  ten common commodities also spotted not a few problems:
Imported dairy: nitrite residues detected in 87 tons of milk powder
Imported liquor: batches of French wine spotted with excessive plasticizer;
Imported snacks: Pringles were found containing transgenic ingredients
Imported edible oil: olive-pomace oil  in disguise of olive oil was spotted
Imported cereal grains: over 30% batches were detected with pests
Imported fruit:  127 batches were found carrying pests