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Xiamen Port Imported World¡¯s Top Rosewood- P.santalinus For the First Time

Seahog, the leading China customs agent,  learns from Xiamen Haicang CIQ that their inspectors recently did on-field inspection and quarantine on a shipment of Pterocarpus santalinus from Indian and released it after that. The shipment contained 80m³, and the total value was 3,155,500 US dollars, which was the top unit price of the imported timber varieties through Ximan ports over the years

As we know, CITES has been  pushing  tough supervision of the import and export of Endangered Species     £¨Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora£©in recent years. So how these valuable timbers could be imported into China through legal channel? Well, it is because that India  put the Pterocarpus santalinus they seized over the years on public auction at the end of 2014, and allowed these  Pterocarpus santalinus to be exported normally after obtaining the organization and the  joint authorization of DGFT and Indian government. Haicang inspectors released this shipment after harm-elimination treatment.

P.santalinus, the finest species among Pterocarpus, is one of the most valuable timbers in the world. As early as Qing Dynasty, wild  Pterocarpus had been clear cut in our country. Now, wild Pterocarpus only exists a few countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia, and it is restricted from export by most of the countries. As the top class Pterocarpus, P.santalinus only scatters in the forests of some regions in Indian. At present, the common-seen P.santalinus in domestic market are mostly disguised by Pterocarpus tinctorius from Africa.