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Tianjin Port Destroyed A Batched of Shelled Cashews From Benin

Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Xingang Office recently did inspection on a batch of imported shelled cashews and found part of the cashew nuts had serious mold, and destroyed them in accordance with relevant regulations.

During the on-field inspection, inspectors found white mouldy layer appeared on the surface of part of the cashews. The most-affected nuts had turned black and started to decay. Inspectors sealed up the goods immediately, inform consignee for confirmation and guide them how to contact relevant organization for appraisement of cargo damage and claim, and conducted supervised screening on the involving cashew saccording to relevant laws. The mouldy 1.5 tons cashew were destroyed under supervision.

It was reported that this batch of shelled cashews(total 393 tons, invoice value 160,000 US dollars) were imported from Benin. They were supposed to be processed into raw cashew nuts through cooking, shelled, baked, sterilization after import into China. However, the high temperature in summer, long-term sea freight, and the moisture content of the goods itself led to the partial mold of these cashews.

Seahog Tianjin Branch, the renowned customs broker in Tianjin, reminds enterprises that import cereal grains to choose foreign suppliers of good credit, and add terms regarding treatments before shipping and mold standards into contract so as to protect  their rights and interests.