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Guangzhou Airport Customs Broker For Imported Spare parts and Samples

Seahog Logistics professionally handle customs clearance in Guangzhou airport and relevant logistics for machine spare parts, auto spare parts, computer parts, hardware, cellphone parts, precise instruments, machine tools, mechanical and electronic products and samples made of different materials. Plus, we provide import title/import right for individual clients or companies does not hold import and export rights. Our services is available for general air cargoes and courier packages shipped by DHL, EMS, TNT, Fedex, UPS, OCS and so on.

Our customs clearance in Guangzhou airport covers but no limited below products: fans, compressors, drying machines, touching screen, switches,spray guns, nozzles, filters, PCB, seal rings, seal gaskets, spring gaskets, probes, searching units, power supplies, adapters, pumps, motors, belts, bearing, screws, conveyor belts, assembly lines, electrical machines, cylinders, sensors, encoders, counters, relays, PLC, controllers, dies, molds, batteries, cameras, core processors and many others.

In addition to above products, we also handle clothing, fabrics, household items,m,  chemicals, e-liquid, e-liquid concentrate, personal effects, fresh fruit, fresh flowers , dry flowers, and human hair, wooden sculpture, carpets, scarves, golf products , many other type products  

Normally,  it takes us about 2-3 days to get things done. And the flow goes like this
1. Locate HS code for each items and the supervision conditions- for example if 3C or MSDS required
2 check whether the invoice, packing list, sales contract are well prepared in correct form.
3.Sort out declaration elements such as brand, model, materials and so on. - it is very important to provide accurate information, otherwise it may lead to re-declarations.
4.Formal declarations, pay taxes, and customs release.

Seahog Logistics - Expert Customs Broker in Guangzhou airport for all types of spare parts and samples .