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Shenzhen Sha Tau Kok Port Returned A Batch of Imported Food Additives

Recently, the staff from Shenzhen Sha Tau Kok Inspection and Quarantine Bureau did inspection on an entry truck and found five barrels of undeclared food additives inside. The barrels had touch as warning sign on them. The English MSDS of this shipment showed that the food additives were liquid spice with a closed cup flash point lower than 60. They was judged by the staff as inflammable hazardous chemical and classified into Article 2828 of Hazardous Chemical Catalog: synthetic resin, oil paint, supplementary materials, coating and other products containing inflammable solvents.  As these food additives had no either Chinese label or Chinese MSDS, and the packing container had no UN marking, they did not meet our countrys relevant regulations. Therefore,  Sha Tau Kok  Inspection and Quarantine Bureau returned this shipment in accordance with relevant regulations. This was the first time that Sha Tau Kok port returned hazardous chemicals.

Between food additives and hazardous chemicals, there is quite a big part is overlapping. For example, normal propyl alcohol and acetic acid n-butyl ester are inflammable hazardous chemicals, but both can be used as food additives. Some food additives, for example, natural spices, are inflammable, skin and eye stimulating.