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Fast Customs Clearance for Fresh Fruit in Guangzhou Airport

Seahog Logistics, with years of experience and solid credit, provide fast customs clearance in Guangzhou airport for fresh fruit, frozen fruit, sea food, fresh flowers.  We help check required documents before shipment arrival, and we guarantee get customs clearance done in one day, and arrange relevant.

The imported fruit we handle include, but not limited to
- Longan from Thailand and Vietnam,
- Pitaya (red skin white meat, red skin red meat) from Vietnam( for domestic endangered species, certificate for endangered species shall be obtained before customs declaration. To obtain that, application form , certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate must be provided)
- Pineapple (golden pineapple, green pineapple) from Philippe
- Banana from Philippe, therein, plantain is graded into  A and grape , while  emperor banana is classified into miss banana and thumb banana
- Mango from Peru, require hot water treatment during quarantine
- mangosteen from Thailand
- Lemon from USA
- Fresh oranges:, both navel oranges and summer oranges.  labels are allowed to paste on standard brand oranges, and not allowed on second line oranges.
- Grapes from South America, Peru, Chile, USA, with or without seeds, red grapes, black grapes, green grapes. The quarantine requirements are different from different countries. Cold treatment is required, and shall be shown on phytosanitary certificate. Grapes from Chile, for example, shall go through below 1.5 c consecutive cold treatment not less than 19 days.
- Apple(Gala Apple, red delicious apple), cherries from Chile  

In China Commodity inspection is required for every single imported shipment of fresh fruit. Samples will be drawn and summit for physico-chemical test or biological test. Special testing projects are required for some fresh fruits.  In principle, only will the test result shows qualified, can the shipment be released.

Below we share some notes for fresh fruit customs clearance in Guangzhou airport
1. Prepare packing list, invoice, sales contract, phytosanitary certificate, and certificate of origin in advance and scan to your customs broker in China for review before arrange shipping.
2. The broker gets the entry bill done one day before shipment arrival so as to submit data to customs clearance department and thus ensure clearing speed
3.  Sample drawing, inspection and quarantine are required for every shipment
4. Arrange cold truck in advance and guarantee in time delivery

Our fast customs clearance service are also available in Nansha, Guangzhou.