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How to Handle Import Customs Clearance for Used Furniture in China

Is used furniture/second hand furniture allowed to imported into China? How to import used furniture/second hand furniture to China? What procedures will be involved? What documents are required? Seahog Logistics, the expert customs broker in China, is here to give you the answers with years of customs clearance handling experience for imported furniture made of different materials, both new and used. Our services include air and sea freight, customs clearance, import license, warehouse, and transportation.

Required qualifications for consignee company in China:
1.A registered company in mainland China
2.With import and export right
-If the consignee company does not hold import and export right, we can use our own to do declarations.

The required documents for China customs clearance of imported new/used/second-hand furniture include invoice, packing list, sales contract, certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate (only required for half-finished wooden furniture, statement of deep processing. And the declaration information include commodity name, HS code, dimensions, usage, new/old condition,  brand/manufaturer and other relevant information.

Import taxes
The import duty of ordinary furniture like bed, chair, wardrobe is 0%, while the value added tax 17%, from which we can see China welcomes the import of furniture. However, products that are not in chapter 94019402,9403 do not enjoy zero import .

Notes for Furniture Import
1.As furniture import usually involves lots of varieties, the pre-work is very important. For example, one of our clients imported  1x 40 GP used piano but also put a pendant lamp and did not know ccc certificate was required for lamp import until shipment arrival. Luckily, we were able to handle CCC-exempt for him.
2.Do not put any extra items which are not listed in relevant documents inside the container. Our countries has special supervision over many products. For example, ccc certificate required for lamps, Import Permit(Piwen) from Ministry of Culture is a must for oil paint import. In case that the container contains products of these kinds of products and the relevant cert/permit is not yet obtained upon shipment arrival,  that will be a problem.

Import Flow
Arrange shipping exchange document upon shipment arrival commodity inspection customs declaration pay taxes inspection customs release

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