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Guangzhou Customs Agentí»s Note: Two EMS Parcels From Denmark

As a China customs broker with years of experience, we provide China customs clearance services and import agency services for air shipments, sea freight shipments and also for parcels and packages shipped via international courier services like DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, EMS, etc. We help clear thousands of stuck parcels/packages each month fast and smooth. Yet, every month we witness not a few parcels that can not be cleared because the senders are not familiar with China customs regulations and restrictions. Hereunder, we would like to share a most recent case of this type. Hope it can be a reference for those who have plan to send parcels/packages to China. 

On Nov.29, 2021, a client from Dongguan, Guangdong added us on WeChat and claimed that he had two EMS parcels stuck at Guangzhou customs. He tried to which his mom sent from Denmark stuck at Guangzhou customs. He received SMS from EMS and he also filled in the form via the website link about the content of the parcels and tried to clear them as personal items . But he failed because both parcels had exceeding value. He needed a Guangzhou customs broker to clear them as company goods under a company title with import right. That was why he contacted us. 

Unfortunately, we found we could not proceed with the customs clearance either when we confirmed what were contained inside. Parcel 1 contained 4 x sweets, 2 x bed sheets, 2x clothes.  The bed sheets and clothes did not need extra certificate/documents to clear, but the customs clearance of sweets needed certificate of origin, health certificate, and certificate of analysis for ingredients which the client was not able to provide.  Parcel 2 contained 1 x earrings(made of silver, plated with yellow gold),  6 x baby clothes,  2 x toys, 1 x puzzle,  1x CD, 1 x bracelet (made of glass beads), 1 x token(made of paper). The earrings, baby clothes, bracelet were fine to go, but the CD, the toys and puzzle needed extra certificates to clear. Therein CD shall provide  import permit issued by National Press and Publication Administration, while the toys and puzzle shall provide CCC certificate. The client could not provide the required certificates. The customs clearance could not be proceeded for lack of certificates. We suggested the client get the parcels returned as soon as possible. 

We always suggest people consult with a China customs broker who will help check if any restrictions or extra documents/certificates for the customs clearance in China before shipping to Chinese mainland to avoid customs clearance issue.

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