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Emergency Notice of Shanghai Port Inspection-Very Important

1. Documents involving chemicals. The external package shall indicate Chinese name, English name, conponent content, and manufacturer. In case that any of the above mentioned info  is lacked, cargo will be seized in the inspection.

2. The container will be empty in OT inspections, so please do not carry any cargo no listed in the declaration docs secrectly.

The above two policies are just implemented in Waigaoqiao Phase 2 Terminals, But considering China customs will unify standards. The two policies will be promoted to Phase one, Phase four and five . So it is suggested to perform the two standards in all ports of Waigaoqiao.

In addition, Customs start to inspect brand. If no brand is declared, yet brands are detected in the inspections, the cargo will be transferred to  clearance division. So it is a must to provide and declare brands. No matter what brand it is, no exception is allowed. Please do noted.