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Tianjin Port - Liquid Mild Import Increases Sharply

It was reported that, Tianjin CIQ imported liquid milk 5230.8 tons in the first half of 2014, with a total value of 5,128,000 USD. The two figures were respectively 8 times, and 6 times of the data of the same period of last year, presenting a sharp increase.

According to Tianjin CIQ, the import of liquid milk via Tianjin port has been presenting three obvious characteristics since this year. Firstly, the import quantity increase obviously. Secondly, brands and countries of origin significantly. Firstly, the prices decrease sharply. The importing countries of liquid milk expand to New Zealand, Poland, France, Denmark to previous Australia, USA, and Germany, while the brands increase to a dozen from several.

The import quantity of liquid milk at other ports has been rising at varying degree since this year. The high demand of domestic market is the main reason behind the sharp rise of liquid milk import. On the other hand, Chinese consumers still have no confidence in domestic milk products, plus the prices of imported liquid milk is decreasing to a acceptable range for Chinese consumers, which create a great opportunity for foreign liquid milk brands to occupy domestic market.