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Export Ice Cream Powder to Shanghai - The Required Materials for the Customs Clearance

Although China customs clearance for imported food involves complex procedures, to get foods imported into China can be an easy thing as long as the all the required documents are correctly prepared and the ingredients meets National Standards. So what documents the Chinese consignee and the shipper shall prepare? Let us take import of ice cream powder for example

Required documents - the consignee section
1.Scancopy of business copy
2.Blank A4 paper with its official seal
3.Authorization letter for customs declaration, and customs declaration code
4.Authorization letter for commodity inspection declaration, and commodity declaration code
Note, if the consignee does not hold import right, 3-4 is not required as Seahog will declare using its own import right in this case.

Required documents - the consignee section
1.Certificate of origin
2.Health certificate/Sanitary certificate/certificate of free sale  
Note: 1-2 shall be issued by official department and come with official stamp and signature, other China customs wont accept
3.Product date certificate - by the manufacturer
4.Ingredient test report, also called certificate of analysis - by third-party lab, with the labs stamp and signature
5.Nutrition facts test report -  by third-party lab or the manufacturer, with  stamp and signature
6.Original labels, and Chinese translation of original labels
7.Packing list, invoice, and sales contract
8.Original b/l, or telex release b/l

The Shanghai customs clearance of imported ice cream powder - the procedures and the time frame

1.Document exchange: 1 working day
2.Commodity inspection declaration: 1-3 working days
3.Customs declaration: 1 working day
4.Issue tax bill: half - 1 working day
5.Pay taxes: half working day
6.Price valuation by customs: 1-3 working days
7.Paste Chinese labels: 2 working days
8.Sample drawing: half a day
9.Customs release cargo: half a day
10.CIQ issue Chinese Sanitary Certificate: 20 days to 3 months depending the actual situation

Q: Why Chinese Sanitary Certificate is so important
A: According to relevant regulations, only with Chinese Sanitary Certificate, can imported food be sold in China market

Q: What qualifications shall a food importer possess?
A: the importer shall have food circulation permit, and include food operation in its business scope.

Q: How to design Chinese labels?
A: Seahog has rich experience in handing food imports, thus is very familiar with the requirements of Chinese labels for imported food. We can help you design Chinese labels as long as you provide original labels and their Chinese labels.